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Watch Last Resort Online at Marcus Chaplin is the Captain of the USS Colorado, the most powerful nuclear submarine ever built. When ordered to fire four nuclear missiles at Pakistan, he defies protocol and demands confirmation. Consequently, the USS Illinois fires on the Colorado, and the Colorado bottoms out and is left for dead. As a false flag pretext for war, the U.S. blames Pakistan for the attack, leading to a nuclear strike against Pakistan. The presumed-dead crew of the Colorado take control of the island of Sainte Marina where there is a NATO radar installation. Chaplin threatens to launch his missiles at any country, including the U.S., that attacks his ship; to prove his resolve, he fires a missile, supposedly, targeted at Washington D. C., but in reality, Chaplin set it to fly over Washington and it detonated above the ocean. Meanwhile, the local despot Serrat kidnaps two of the Colorado ’​s crew.

Release date: 27 September 2012 (USA)
Genre: Drama, Action, Mystery
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