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Watch Versailles Online Stream at The series shows young Louis XIV as young king haunted by a childhood trauma, the Fronde, a rebellion of nobles against his father, Louis XIII. Determined never again to experience such a vulnerable position, he will methodically make every effort to become the greatest king in the history of France and make her the most powerful kingdom in Europe. He will prove to be a natural political strategist, manipulative and Machiavellian. He “invents” Versailles to keep the nobles of Paris, keep them under his control, and gradually makes the castle a gilded prison. Privately nourishing bitter resentment, even paranoia, he was also a man capable of great romantic passions. The first season sees the young king turn into the Sun King, the king of kings. Historical and fictional characters, the most prominent courtier to the humblest villagers, guide us in a world of betrayal and secrets of alcove, political maneuvering and declarations of war, revealing Versailles in all its glory and brutality. A gilded cage where pushy, desperate to get in, can never stand out.

Release date: 16 November 2015 (USA)
Genre: Drama, History
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